Balance Impact manages five Model Portfolios; Coachwood, Mahogany, Banksia, Myrtle, Acacia.

Using our Questionnaire,  you will be matched to one of our portfolios based on your risk tolerance and investment goals.

The asset allocation of our five model portfolios is set-out below:


  Coachwood Mahogany Banksia Myrtle Acacia
Risk Profile Conservative Moderately conservative Balanced Moderately aggressive Aggressive
Suggested time frame 3+ years 4+ years 5+ years 6+ years 7+ years
Total defensive assets 70%  60%  45%  30%  10% 
Total growth assets 30%  40%  55%  70%  90% 

We invest using a mix of Exchange Traded Funds:

Asset class

Investment product


Exchange Traded Fund

Australian Government Bonds

Exchange Traded Fund

Inflation-linked Australian Government bonds

Exchange Traded Fund

Floating rate bonds

Exchange Traded Fund

Australian shares

Exchange Traded Fund

International shares

Exchange Traded Fund

You can find more details of the split between asset classes in the Diversification section 




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