Our Model Portfolios invest in companies that do good and make money.

  • Fossil Fuels

  • Tobacco

  • Gambling

  • All male boards

  • Uranium

  • Armaments

  • Low ESG Companies

  • Renewable Energy

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Gender diverse boards

  • Sustainable Agriculture

  • Recycling

  • High ESG Companies

Did you know that responsibly invested equity funds outperformed the ASX 300 over  3, 5 and 10 years?1

Or that companies that are actively managing and planning for climate change achieve an 18% higher return on equity than companies that aren’t?2

We believe in investing for the long-term, which is why we create all of our Model Portfolios using responsible investments.  Here’s a quick snapshot of the companies we invest in.

We offer five Model Portfolios to investors,each tailored to your risk profile and preferences based on our Questionnaire.


  1. Responsible Investment Association of Australasia, “Responsible Investment Benchmark Report 2017, Australia”
  2. CDP, “CDP S&P Climate Change Report 2014”

Where possible we invest using Exchange Traded Funds.  These are low cost funds that give you easy access to a particular asset class,usually an index, such as the S&P/ASX 200.

ETFs provide a low-cost way to create a well-diversified portfolio, that’s why we use them.

We subscribe to the passive investment style because numerous studies have found it leads to higher returns.  According to S&P, over a 10 year period, investing passively outperformed:

  • 74% of Australian equity funds 
  • 77% of Australian Equity A-REIT funds
  • 88% of Australian bond funds

Our portfolios contain a mix of:

  • Australian shares
  • International shares
  • Bonds
  • Cash

Having a combination of asset classes in your portfolio is important as it helps decrease volatility, and means you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.  




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