Introducing OwnersInc

At Balance Impact, we believe that companies are an important part of our society and can make the world a better place, but sometimes they need a little push.

Whether you invest with us, or elsewhere, you have the opportunity to raise important social issues with company directors and to hold them accountable via your shareholding. But, sometimes it’s hard to find other like-minded shareholders, that’s why we created OwnersInc. 

OwnersInc is a platform that connects shareholders and campaigners to influence board priorities on important social issues, including:

     Women in business:  Whether it be closing the gender pay gap, or increasing the number of women on boards, there is a lot more companies can be doing.

      Environment: Divesting from fossil fuels, reusing and recycling, sourcing sustainable materials.  There are many ways companies can play a part.

       Ethical supply chain:  Where companies source their materials can have a big impact on the world, including avoiding child labour and supporting ethical sourcing.

Whether it be about environmental sustainability, gender diversity or directors remuneration, together we can make our shareholding count.

You can sign up for OwnersInc here to get notified next time there is a campaign being run on the important social issues you care about.




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